Prague Cuisine is a culinary journey of discovery. From urban chic to fine dining, Dominic James shares his culinary experiences and discoveries, revealing a diverse selection of restaurants, cafés, bistros and confectioners in and around a city rich in history and tradition. With its beautiful collection of photographs and descriptive legends, this treasure trove of culinary destinations will create for gourmets and urban foodies alike a desire to explore and sample the atmosphere of these gastronomical experiences.


Prague Cuisine will provide a selection of restaurants, cafés, patisseries and confectioners with an opportunity to promote their culinary delights not only in the Czech Republic, but around the world. The book with its beautiful collection of photographs and descriptive legends, a treasure trove of dining destinations will create for Gourmets and urban foodies alike a desire to explore and sample this selection of culinary experiences.

The content is made up of five sections; For the Gourmet, Local Flavour, Light Bites, Foreign Influence and Sweet Tooth. The book manages to effectively cover almost every type of cuisine currently available in Prague.


ZDENĚK POHLREICHExecutive Chef Cafe Imperial
“I‘m so happy i could be part of this book, and i am very proud of it. I believe this book is also helping to open the door to quality czech enterprises.”
DOMINIC JAMESAuthor Prague Cuisine
“I have travelled and lived in many countries during my life, experiencing a multitude of cultures and traditions. I have enjoyed each of these places for their own special reasons. However, none have captivated me like the Czech Republic, especially Prague. This truly amazing place, steeped in history has fast become a bustling cosmopolitan city that offers incredible diversity in art, culture and dining.”
“These days, Prague is an attractive market and it’s still very much a land of opportunity. The trend at the moment is to valorise local cuisine by adding that little something extra to make it special. Many Czech chefs who left home to work abroad are now returning to the Czech Republic and bringing with them their portfolio of experiences.”


Ondřej Kodras lends his gift of creative photography to further enhance the attraction of the book by seeing and capturing images that are both contemporary and unique. Whether chefs at the pass, waiters attending guests or just simply the décor; Kodras reveals the true atmosphere and feel of the place.



The Prague Cuisine Guidebook is an abridged version of the book and is designed to be easy to carry around. Although having a different layout it will still retain the same high standard with images and text being taken from the main publication and contact information added. The Guidebook will be available free of charge throughout Prague, with 16,000 copies being distributed to specific locations including, hotels, cafés, restaurants and attractions. Delivery to these sites is every 2 months from May to December during 2015. The purpose of the guide is twofold, one it acts as an additional direct marketing platform enabling a greater readership through increased awareness of the main publication. Two it allows potential guests to seek and try the described culinary experiences.